Need A Website?

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Need A Website?

Sometimes in life we ask ourselves, do I really need this? Do I really need a website? The answer really depends on what it is your looking at. Did I need to buy a new fishing boat? Of course not, but it was an impulse (it was only $1,00 bucks and the guy said it ran ) and I had to have it. After the natural course of buying something we have what some people call buyers remorse, ( the boat did not help me fish better ) you know that little twinge inside all of us that says “crap I didn’t really need that”. We do buy things that we need but maybe didn’t really need but that’s a different subject altogether.

So ask yourself do I need a website? (are you a small business trying to promote yourself? ) And how do I remove the dreaded buyers remorse? ( Can you eliminate it altogether? )The answer is yes and you decide for yourself.

So what do you need to look for in a website?

Mobile Friendly Website

What you really need for your business is a mobile friendly website, optimized so the search engines can easily identify what your website is all about and whether or not you are a local business people need to find.

Pretend your a Dentist and you have been in business for over 10 years. You have a website but it is not mobile friendly, when someone searches for a dentist in your city, search engines will not pull up your non-mobile friendly site, and in 2014 over 60% of internet searches were on a mobile device.

So the answer to do I need a website is YES!

SEO Optimized Website

Now you know you need a website right? Step two is making sure it is properly optimized. Optimized for mobile so the search engines will index it from mobile searches and optimized with proper SEO.

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization, or in other words how a search engine reads your website and what it is all about. It would make all your un-founded fears of whether or not you need a website come true if you skipped this step. 1 Day Website Utah optimizes for local SEO using keywords that your local customer will use. As described above your site will also be mobile friendly!

Need a Website, Yes!

Do not hesitate or put it off today. You need a website and we are here to help you succeed. And if you already have a website it probably sucks!

1 Day Website Utah, your local web presence management source!

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