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Web page design consists of more than just a sexy website, it also involves instantly recognizable logos, memorable videos, and clean print materials.
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The Importance of Good Web Page Design Speaks Volumes

Have you ever heard an ad on the radio or seen an ad online that promised a great product or service, then, once you pull up the site, it’s so “sketchy” that you instantly felt like you were in the wrong place? Without knowing it, you were a victim of bad web page design. This type of poor design usually plagues small to medium sized businesses and can drastically affect their sales.

The problem is that most small businesses in Utah treat graphic design as an afterthought or ignore it completely. We commonly hear, “my brother-in-law built our site,” or, “it was the kid next door.”

Most businesses that have done a fair amount of marketing know that your store front is how your community sees you, but your website is how the world sees you. One of the most important things that you can do for your business now and into the future is to investment in professional web page design.

These guys are AMAZING. We have tried 3 other companies and have been so frustrated, this all changed when we met Brad and his FABULOUS team. They quickly built an OUTSTANDING website for us. Plus, they are always available to help with anything we need. I highly recommend 1Day Website.

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