What's With The 1 Day Thing?

It started with an idea, what if you could build a website in 1 Day. Could it be done? Could the quality be top notch? Was it even possible?

These are the questions we asked ourselves when starting 1 Day Website December of 2014. We found with a bit of a learning curve, that yes, a website could be built in that time frame, with the right technology and planning process.

We initially thought everyone would opt for a website built in just one day, but we were wrong. It turns out that only a small percent of business owners and entrepreneurs were willing to pay for the premium service or even had a need for such an aggressive development timeframe.

With this in mind, we still offer the 1 day premium service, but we find that it is usually only used in just a handful of real life scenarios.

Imagine, your boss has told you they need a new website as soon as possible, no matter the cost. You scour the web in vain looking for website companies that can hammer out a professional website fast. Just when you have given up hope you stumble across 1 Day Website Utah, and luckily for you we provide a specialized service where it’s possible to create a website in just 1 Day. The website gets done, your boss is appeased and you are the HERO! Mocha Lattes for everyone!

Please keep in mind our 1 Day service starts at $9999 and goes up from there depending on the scope.

Why? It’s a ton of work and we literally put all hands on deck!

If you have more than one day or a tighter budget, we have regular website services that fit everyone’s budget, although it may take just a little longer.

1DayWebsiteUtah is a great company to work with. They sat down with me to understand my needs and then put my needs on my website. It seems so simple and that’s what I am so grateful for. They made it simple. They heard my problems and offered solutions. I would recommend 1DayWebsiteUtah to anyone!

Richie T. SteadmanThe Cultural Hall