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The Truth About Mobile Optimized Websites, and Mobilegeddon

Not sure what mobilegeddon is? To explain we need to go back a few years and look at a trend.

mobile optimized websitesOver the past few years research has suggested that a vast amount of searches were made from mobile devices, specifically smart phones. It was predicted at that time that within a few years there would be more searches made on smart phones for mobile optimized websites than on desktop computers.

Last year that prediction came to pass. 2014 marked a graduation or a turning point for our young internet. The majority of search had gone mobile, and for better or worse websites would have to comply with the trend or get left behind.

The trend seems to be accelerating as of this year 2015, that number has now gone to 60% without any signs of slowing. As a response to this, Google and other search engines have modified their algorithm on how non-mobile friendly website are ranked when searched from a mobile device. They have basically punished sites that have not been optimized for mobile by kicking them further down the page, or in some cases a few pages.

So how does this affect you and your business? Well for one, if your site is not mobile friendly, it has probably been de-ranked.

This poor ranking means that people could be searching for you but find your competitor instead. And due to the short attention spans of our internet age generation, the likelihood of them sticking it out trying to find you is slim to none.

So I’m going to be blunt with you right now. If your business has been caught up in the de-ranking process of mobilegeddon, Consider this, Every year your website is not mobile friendly you could be losing thousands of dollars. Think about it; mobile search is only going to become more and more prevalent.

So give the people what they want, a fully mobile optimized, mobile friendly website. It’s time to invest in your business.

Here at, we can make your mobile optimized websites in just one day! If you decide not to use please for the love of your business get your website mobile optimized by someone!

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