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By January 6, 2016Social Media
Social Media Marketing

Local Social Marketing

Social media is more than connecting with old friends you haven’t seen since high school or college. Local social marketing is an excellent resource for promoting small businesses.

Businesses need to use local social marketing to skyrocket their business. Small companies generally think they don’t need social media to help develop their business; they feel they can get the business out there without the help of this free marketing tool. However, there is no greater platform to promote your business than on social media sites.

Millions of people follow their favorite restaurants and stores on social media. It is the quickest way for a business to reach its audience. Companies can offer discounts or tell their followers what their lunch special is. Your hope as the business owner is, when people see this on their social media feed, they will share the information with their friends and their friends will share it with their friends. The amount of people that can be reached in a short amount of time is limitless.

Always keep in mind that your followers want a clean, easy-to-read post. If your post is too long or doesn’t make any sense, the chances are that they will skip over the post altogether. It is necessary to use proper grammar and punctuation as well as an image that is eye-catching. If one of your followers posts a comment or question, you need to respond to it immediately. Dismissing a question by one of your customers makes them feel less valued, and they might not come back to your business because of a perceived lack of respect.

If your posts aren’t getting the exposure you hoped for, try something a little different. Offer a discount if the customer shares your post on their timeline. Restaurants can advertise a free drink with a meal that is good for the day you post it. Use your imagination to get customers to share your posts and broaden your business’es exposure.

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