phone books are dead use liquid target instead

1 Day Website Utah Partners with Liquid Target

At 1 Day Website Utah, we are pleased to announce we have partnered with Liquid Target to better enhance our sources for local business to be found!

Liquid Target takes your business information and automatically uploads it to dozens of search engines and directories, saving you hours of repeatedly entering the same information by hand.

Take Control with Listing Command

Liquid Target is the leading provider of digital location management solutions that help you leverage location-based technologies to drive foot traffic into your local stores.

Our Listing Network

How Does Your Business Measure Up?

Businesses of all sizes use Liquid Target to manage their online presence, engage their customers, and maximize visits to their locations. With our one-touch solution, your message is delivered when and where you want.

Take the Reigns on Your Own Listings

What can you manage with Liquid Target? How about Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and over 60 of the top local directories! We know you have a choice and you will be pleased to discover the Liquid Target difference!

Listing Visitor Reporting: See how often a listing appears in local search results, then views its detail page and see the number of times customers click on a featured message. This helps you tie revenue back to your locations’ digital presence.

Review Monitoring: Monitor and search customer reviews by location across every PowerListings site that supports them, including Yelp, Facebook, Google+, and Citysearch – all in real-time. Get custom notifications for new reviews, search reviews by location, and analyze how customer feedback varies over time and across locations.

Duplicate Suppression: Duplicate records of your business information appear across the search ecosystem — and they cost you time, money, and SEO benefits. Our patent-pending technology finds and suppresses duplicate listings, so consumers never see the incorrect or incomplete address or contact information. Since search engines value consistency, Duplicate Suppression offers enormous SEO benefits.

Welcome to the new 1 Day Website Utah!

Liquid Target is a Proud partner of 1 Day Website Utah!

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