5 Easy Ways to Get Traffic

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5 Easy Ways to Get Traffic

How easy should getting traffic to your new website be? Well, it isn’t exactly like trying to go to mars, so it’s not rocket science. It can seem like it is an overwhelming undertaking unless you have done proper research and you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work! Here are five super easy things you can do right now to get started!

Share on Your Facebook Wall

As simple as this may sound, this is something that will undoubtedly get instant traffic to your site. Though it may not be a lot, it is a good start. As you begin to share information on your facebook page, be careful; avoid the trap of sharing “we are here,” “Come see us,” ” Brand new to serve you,” and so on. Instead, share events surrounding your location, high school football scores, and other stuff that is important to the community around you.

Twitter Contest

If you can start a contest on Twitter, this will turn some attention towards your website with re-tweets. We once had a client who had a scavenger hunt; the prize was a service they offer for less than $10. Not sure what to do? What exactly is your marketing plan?

YouTube Videos

Post videos on YouTube and have them link back to your site. This will add more sources of traffic and will also be a platform for viral video marketing. Don’t have a video to share? Use a video you like from YouTube. Videos on YouTube were meant to be shared all over the web!

Viral Video Marketing

So this seems like number 3, but there is a distinct difference. Above, we talked about sharing a video, but what if you have a video you haven’t uploaded to on YouTube yet? You can post it on your blog or website and share it all over social media. As your video starts getting views, it is linked right back to your website and, viola! Traffic!

If you can think of a unique and funny way to make a viral video, it will certainly be a great way to get instant traffic and can lead to millions of hits

Optimize your site for search engines

If you optimize your website for search engines, you will be able to gain more traffic from people searching for those keywords. Make sure you have all of your XML sitemaps indexed to the three main search engines and that the keywords you have selected are the right keywords.

Is your site mobile optimized? Find out right  NOW; click here to go to Google. If you miss this, you are going to miss out on over 60% of internet searches. Being SEO and mobile optimized at the same time is KEY. This is a powerful tool and will lead to a lot of traffic.

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