Our Process

From Concept to Reality

Let’s set up a plan to design and build your website, they way you want it.

The process of designing a website shouldn’t be a cumbersome process, in fact most people put off making a website for their local small business due to the back and forth and never really get what they want. Imagine having an idea on how you want the site to look, giving someone that idea only to get a site not even close to what you wanted! Then you get on the phone and go back and forth only to be told it will be another week then another! After the initial back and forth process and your website still isn’t what you wanted you go to the email method, you know, emails not being opened, no response but, really all you wanted was a button a different color! No wonder you put that off so long!

A Better Way, The “Right” Way

The face of Utah Web Design is changing! What is changing you ask? THE PROCESS!

Listen we feel your pain, in fact we used to work for companies that did business that way. It’s not really their fault, they just didn’t think outside the box and they are used being frustrated going back and forth every client, making the same mistake over and over. After going through this process over a hundred times we decided it was time to change Utah web design once and for all. Make a positive change that not only improved our quality of life but the life of every single client that we took on!

What did we change you ask? Well we already gave you the answer, the process! We used the KISS method, you know Keep It Simple Stupid. How simple can it be? Look at the process already in place, look at the crazy amount of money other web developers charge and then really ask yourself why pay more for a lot less? We thought to ourselves, how would we want a website done? How do we end the frustration?

Build the website in ONE DAY! Pretty simple right?

How We Work

Different is good, we believe all websites should be built this way.

  • Meet & Plan: First we talk to find out what you need. Whether it’s just a website, a website and marketing or maybe the complete “you guys do everything for me package”. After we get a feel for you and what you want then we put together a plan of action.
  • Back-end Website Setup: We get to work building the back-end components of your website, setting up the overall feel of the site all to your specifications.
  • Finalize it Together: Finally we get together and go over the initial design, make or update all of your social media accounts and build out the website exactly as you had it all imagined¬†in your mind! You want a button a different color? You want a custom form designed just for you and your business? No worries, the programmer and graphic designer are sitting right there! You want….. well you get the idea-BOOM process changed!

Better Web Design For Utah

At the end of the day your website will be completed to your exact expectations. But it doesn’t end there, you can count on one more thing from 1 Day Website Utah, technical support for one FULL year. Not fly by night support but you have the project managers cell phone number to call day and night should anything happen, you have the key to your website with all the passwords, domain info, hosting info and the marketing knowledge to leverage your website above all of your competitors!

At one day website Utah you can get the site you’ve always wanted!

To recap, let’s

  • Meet up & plan
  • Build the website
  • Finalize it together
  • Start Marketing

Get Started Today!