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Different companies will tout differing strategies to market your website. At, we only focus on things that work. Below is a breakdown of those methods.

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Our Online Marketing Process

When it comes to online marketing there are tried and true fundamentals. These basics implemented over time will help you reach your online marketing goals. In contrast, the “magic pill” approach promises huge returns with little action. This is where most online companies get in trouble and lose their ranking.

Below is a breakdown of some of the methods we use to market your business.

We Start with “Google Compliant” SEO

It’s not too late to become the authority in your niche!

If you’ve been in business for a while, you probably have had a call or an email about how your on-page SEO needs this and that. The truth is, you need real keywords specific to your website so you can get found in searches. That’s what we do, we find specific keywords that people are looking for. What always surprises us is that there is still a large amount of keywords that your competition overlooks. Find those hidden gems and rank for them, and BOOM you’re are the authority. Don’t wait, BECOME THE AUTHORITY.

Throw in Over 50 Directories

Gain a Foundational Foothold with over 50 of the TOP directories.

Have you heard of Yelp? Bing? Surely you know what Yahoo local is right? Of course you do, 1 Day Website Utah not only handles all of your Utah online marketing services, we will also register your business with the biggest online directories so your local business can be found. Some examples would be Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, White Pages, Yellow Pages, Facebook, City Search, Foursquare, Show me Local, just to name a few.

The best part about these directories? We do it for you using our proprietary software! Get found in search ASAP, what are you waiting for?

Add Keyword Rich Articles & Blog Curation

Practice fundamentals for ensured success!

Utah online Marketing services wouldn’t be complete unless we also specialized in writing unique blog content and curated blog posts to make your site as relevant as the Kardashians (Wait, are they still relevant?). Those not familiar with the power of blogs may not realize that unique keyword rich content doled out over time can literally change your business forever.

Blog curation is one of the best ways to get your local business in front of all your local customers, and keep them there.

1 Stop Social Posting

Social Media is not to be underestimated!

As you position yourself and identify all of the things that make your business great, it’s important to show your personality, even if it’s just a little bit.

We’ve all been conditioned since we were children to fear strangers, SO DON’T BE A STRANGER. Use social media to set your business apart. Show them your humor, a new product, a new technique or even what’s happening in your community in other words, show them the benefits of you. 1 Day Website strives to make social media marketing that thing that sets you apart from the rest, that’s why we include our 1 Stop Social Posting dashboard, so you can log in from one place an post across all your social media sites at once!

Star Rating Collection & Syndication

Customer Reviews count for 19% of Search!

When it comes to marketing, this is what most other companies leave out. With every monthly marketing package we also include Shopper Approved Local.

Shopper Approved Local makes it easy to collect reviews from all your past, present and future customers on auto pilot. They don’t stop there, they then syndicate those valuable reviews to major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Star ratings can also be drip fed to your social media accounts so they always show fresh and unique content.

Check out this Case Study

6 Month Case Study for
Duration: December 19th, 2014 – May 19th, 2015

When we first started working with the staff and dentists from heritage Dental Associates, they knew they needed help but just didn’t know where to start or what to do. Their website was dated and they only showed up in search for 1 keyword (their own). We Threw together a plan that involved building a new website with a new recognizable logo, along with a simple yet effective marketing plan. The results after 6 months have been akin to the difference between night and day, and things have never been better!

Services Implemented:
New Seo Optimized User Friendly Site Design, New Keyword Rich Domain Name, Google My Business Training, Blog Curation and Social Syndication Engagement.


Rank: 1 keyword, 3rd position
Blog: N/A
Social Media: Google plus, Facebook – Neglected
Google Star Rating: 2
New Clients from Website: 0

After (6 months later)

Rank: 10 keyword, 1st and 2nd position
Blog: Active, Curated Articles
Social Media: Google plus, Facebook – Actively Engaging
Google Star Rating: 55 (Closest competitor has 17)
New Clients from Website: 10 – 15 per month

To Recap, Our Marketing Service will…

  • Follow a proven plan
  • Be implemented regularly
  • Show proven results
  • Excel your business

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