Small Business Web Page Design

Your Small Business Needs a Website

1 Day Website Utah strives to meet the needs of your small business in Utah

We decided to take a different approach on how your small business web page design is really done.

That’s why we have come up with our Add-A-Page websites.

We were finding that many small businesses didn’t have a web presence at all, aside from a few social profiles. No centralized location to speak of, just some random profiles haphazardly posted around the web. When we asked the small business owners why, they said the main reason for this was time and money.

Our Small Business Add-A-Page Website

Get found in search without spending a fortune!

Listen we feel your pain, we understand that not everyone can afford a high dollar website.

So instead we focused on the basics. Small business owners need a website with their contact details readily available.

The website should be clean and simple.

Also the website needs to be easily found in search, which is why we submit the website to over 50 different local directories, instantly boosting the ranking of that site.

We also get the website up fast, so you can start reaping the benefits sooner than later!

So What’s Included?

Small Business Web Page Design comes Mobile Ready

Avoid the ravages of mobilegeddon with a fully mobile ready website. Google recently updated  their algorithm to favor companies that are mobile ready and punish websites that are not.

Your Website Comes with Responsive Design

You probably have a few different computers, maybe a laptop, a desktop and a tablet. No matter what device you surf the internet with, Responsive design helps to limit the amount of scrolling and panning to bring the user the best search experience possible.

It’s also SEO Optimized

Your site will be fully SEO optimized, which means Search Engine Optimized. In other words, the search engines know what your site is about, why people should go there and also tells them YOU ARE local! SEO needs to be updated and changed on a regular basis to keep your site fresh.

We always recommend a blog to keep feeding¬†more and more keywords to the search engines. If your are not sure how to write a blog, we will be glad to teach you basic blog curation and syndication. If you don’t want to do it, let us know, we will be glad to do it for you!

Add-A-Page Website is perfect for your small business.

– fits any budget

– be found in search

– gets results!

Add-A-Page Website,
Packs a Huge Punch!

– 1 Page Website
– Need more pages? Just add $200/page
– Submission to Over 50 Directories
– SEO Optimized
– Blog Setup
– Targeted Keyword Research
Bonus – “Google My Business” Training
Bonus – Blog Curation Training

To recap, our Add-A-Page Website will…

  • Display your Information
  • Get found in search
  • List to over 50 directories
  • Brings you more business!

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