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Built: May 2015

Services Implemented – New SEO Optimized User Friendly Site Design Free of Charge.

Betty Sawyer – Co-Founder of Project Success Coalition

Working with Project Success Coalition

When Project Success Coalition asked us to help, them we jumped at the opportunity. We at 1 Day Website Utah have a deeply engrained notion of giving back to the community and wanted a chance to do something that others were not willing to do.

They had a great web presence, but their website was dated and needed to be modernized. We were able to transfer the contents of their existing site to a new cleaner website but we also wanted to keep the style easy to navigate so that information could be found without too much effort.

Complimentary Service for Charities and Foundations

If you run a foundation or charity organization and are in need of any help in building or redesigning your website, please do not hesitate to contact us. In most cases, we will help you with your Utah web design free of charge.

If you would like us to provide the same care and attention to detail that we provided Betty, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have an amazing idea for a website, let us know, and it will be a reality sooner than you think!