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Built: February 19th, 2015

Services Implemented – New Seo Optimized User Friendly Site Design, New Logo Service, New Domain Name, and 1 Day Website Build Service.

Pictured above from left: Brad Jorgensen, Summer Patterson, James Wales, Eric Brandley

Working with Avril Photography

With Avril Photography, we built her site using our signature 1 Day Website Service. This means that after a consultation and set-up period, we actually went and sat down with Summer Patterson and finalized her website to her standards right in front of her.

Through this method, Summer was able to get the website she wanted with none of the hassle of going back-and-forth over email or telephone.

Prior to us helping her, she had been sending clients a PDF of her work and really did not have a centralized gallery in which to direct people. We were able to sit down with Summer and build her site to her tastes and preferences allowing her to display her work in separate categories and galleries.

If you would like us to provide the same care and attention to detail that we provided Summer, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you have an amazing idea for a website, let us know, and it will be a reality sooner than you think!