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What is Business Marketing and what does it mean to your local small business? Simply put, it is the way you engage with your demographic. Having a business marketing plan identifies who your target audience is and what they are into. 

What 1 Day Website offers:

When it comes to marketing to local businesses, there are fundamentals that all companies need to consider adding to their marketing plans. The following is a list of proven marketing tactics that will help propel you to the top of search:

  • Write and plan keyword rich blog post
  • Set-up and optimize your social media accounts
  • Engage your local demographic through Google star ratings
  • Use your email list for email marketing and follow-up
  • Marketing with YouTube videos
  • Direct customers to your website through re-targeting and ads

Option One:

Do it for me.

Pros: Have 1 Day Website Utah come up with a customized marketing plan and then take the steps to implement it. Basically we tell you how much it is per month, and what is about to happen, and we do the rest.

Cons: You will be forever be dependent on others to do marketing for you and will always pay a monthly fee. No worries though we are happy to take your money indefinitely.

Option Two:

We TEACH you how to Market.

Pros: Let’s face it, you started your own business to be your own boss and make your own decisions. 1 Day Website Utah will sit down and train you and your staff on how to implement your plan.

You pay your employees to help run your business and with a little training you can turn them into marketing machines. By keeping your marketing in-house you avoid paying thousands of dollars a month. Besides, no one cares about your company more than you.

Cons: You may have to actually learn something…

Stop throwing money away

The bottom line is this, STOP wasting your money. With 1 Day Website Utah’s business marketing service you can have your cake and eat it too. Both options that we offer are designed with the end user in mind. Simple and easy to use tools that can save you thousands of dollars over the first year alone and increase your web presence.

Call us today and see if we are a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for us ( NO we do not accept everyone) no matter how much money is involved we strive to meet the demands of our customers and we expect the same in return!

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