About Us

Having backgrounds in web development, design and marketing and having friends and family always asking us to build websites (we always had an excuse not to) it isn’t that we didn’t want to help them, we just hated the back and forth, the constant phone calls and emails to get it just right.

One day while discussing another “friend” website, and deciding we should charge so much they would leave us alone, Eric our head graphic designer had an idea! What if we built the website and finalized the idea in one day? We could go to the office with a programmer and designer and build the entire site without the hassle of going back and forth?

1 Day Website was born! The idea solved the problem and now we are on a mission to change another, website design and construction shouldn’t cost a fortune. It should be an easy pain free process and everyone should get what they deserve. You know, we get to make a living and you get the killer website you wanted. Find Local businesses, come and see one of the best custom web design companies in the universe! (Starting with Utah)

1 Day Website Utah is on a mission to give small business owners the tools to succeed, the knowledge to make a real difference within their business, and to change the way people look and think about web design in Utah.

Cross that website off your to do list in just one day! 1 Day Website Utah, changing Utah web design!

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